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Plan large de l'Auberge du Lyonnais avec l'écluse et la terrasse visible offrant un panorama grandiose

Our history

With its charming facade, trendy renovation and intergenerational atmosphere, difficult to guess, but the Auberge du Lyonnais has a strong story, which explains why his building is part of the city’s historic heritage. A history that the new owners, Camille and Charles, are determined to preserve while anchoring the establishment firmly in its time.

The founders

The founders of the Auberge du Lyonnais - Camille and Charles

At the helm of ADL since August 2021 is a young couple with a wealth of experience. Having fallen under the spell of the establishment, Camille the Lyonnaise and Charles the Drômois decided to put their know-how (acquired at the Vatel Institute in Lyon and honed during their many years of experience with major hotel groups) to work in promoting their Auberge.

While respecting the soul of this institution, they have invested themselves fully in the renovation of this establishment, which they wanted to reflect their own image. Their motto: to offer a contemporary, warm and multi-generational refuge to the people of Annecy.

To achieve this, they drew on their travel memories to design a bright, welcoming establishment. In the kitchen, they focus on the quality and freshness of the produce they carefully select, thanks to direct, privileged contact with producers. In terms of hospitality and know-how, they have recruited an experienced team, generous with smiles and good humor.

A real breath of fresh air to offer both regulars and visiting guests a unique overall experience to remember.

The founders of the Auberge du Lyonnais - Camilles and Charles
Image d'illustration ancienne représentant des gens devant une ancienne bâtisse

Our history

Image d'illustration ancienne représentant des gens devant une ancienne bâtisse

At the junction of Quai de l’Évêché and Rue de la République, the Auberge du Lyonnais has stood the test of generations and the torments of history for almost 100 years. That’s why it’s a true landmark for the people of Annecy.

The house was a hotbed of the French Resistance during the Second World War. Under the impetus of Flora and Jean-Marie Saulnier (who owned the establishment at the time), the Auberge became an important hub for resistance groups in the Haute-Savoie region. At once a mailbox and a HQ where “customers” drew up leaflets and made their plans, out of sight, this inn is a place of memory. That’s why the façade features a commemorative plaque and that the establishment is part of Annecy’s tourist itineraries.

Since 2021, Camille and Charles and their team have decided to write a new page in the history of the ADL, one that is more serene and festive, but nonetheless important for good living and conviviality in Annecy.

The current team

The current Auberge du Lyonnais team, with founders Camille and Charles, Pétrus the dog and chef Guillaume Roignant.

A hotel-restaurant is nothing without a crack team. That’s why Camille and Charles have surrounded themselves with 25 experienced and trusted collaborators, demonstrating a real spirit of cohesion. A winning bet, since during their stay, customers appreciate the osmosis in the teams, and the atmosphere that is both committed and relaxed.

The brigades are divided into :

  • In the kitchen, where chef Guillaume Roignant, who earned L’ADL the title of Maître Restaurateur, and inventive and demanding pastry chef Jérémy Garraboss shine.
  • At the bar, with our head bartender Carlos, a bon-vivant and precise craftsman of signature cocktails.
  • For the breakfast offer, with the creative Flavie and Frank.
  • On the restaurant side, with Inès and Sabri Kodhja, a brother-and-sister team who have just been promoted to manage the space.
  • At reception, with the warm and attentive Svetlana.
  • And the rest of the team.

A great team they’re proud of, a real family.

The current team at the Auberge du Lyonnais, with founders Camille and Charles, as well as Pétrus the dog and the head chef.
Pétrus, Camille and Charles' dog and Auberge du Lyonnais mascot

The Mascot

Pétrus, Camille and Charles' dog and Auberge du Lyonnais mascot

At ADL, there’s no reason to fear the security guard.

He’s an adorable golden retriever with the sweet name of Petrus.

It’s a tasty name that lovers of fine wines are particularly fond of, and one that makes the soft furry ball that bears it the inn’s mascot .

Especially present at breakfast time, it helps to gently wake up our customers, who can’t resist giving it a little piece of bread!

The Auberge du Lyonnais really does feel like home.

Annecy, the Venice of the Alps

Photo of the old Annecy prison on a sunny day

Découvrez la magnifique ville d’Annecy, surnommée la Venise des Alpes. Nichée au cœur de paysages à couper le souffle, cette charmante destination regorge de trésors à explorer. Flânez le long des canaux et des ruelles pittoresques, admirez les maisons colorées et les ponts romantiques qui lui confèrent ce surnom enchanteur.

Appréciez les activités nautiques sur le lac d’Annecy, l’un des plus purs d’Europe, ou profitez des montagnes environnantes pour pratiquer la randonnée, le vélo ou le ski.

Imprégnez-vous de la culture locale en visitant les châteaux médiévaux, les églises historiques et les musées fascinants.

Avec sa nature généreuse, son patrimoine riche et son ambiance chaleureuse, Annecy est une destination inoubliable qui saura vous séduire. Réservez votre séjour à L’ auberge du Lyonnais et plongez dans l’authenticité de cette ville unique.

Photo of the old Annecy prison on a sunny day
Photo of the flowering canals in Annecy
Photo of Lake Annecy with mountain in background and seagulls on stilts